Feng Shui

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui (pronounced “fung shway”) has been called the Chinese “art of placement” that balances the life energies, or chi, in a living space. This living space could be your home, office, or anywhere else you spend time. Using simple enhancements, Feng Shui increases the flow of positive chi and subdues the negative flow. According to the theory of Feng Shui, harmonizing our personal chi with the chi in the environment puts us in harmony with the natural forces of nature and, in turn, results in a healthy, happy and prosperous life.

The basic tenets of this philosophy are quite simple. If positive energy can flow through an environment, then the people residing there will benefit. When the chi circulates properly, we experience a feeling of well-being while good health and prosperity are increased in our lives. Feng Shui, or its equivalent, has been used by many cultures for many years but is believed to have been rooted back to the origins of Chinese philosophy. Despite its ancient origins, Feng Shui is still used extensively in China when a living space or office building is being built or furnished.


Following many years of interest and self-study, Trudy attended intensive training at China Studies with Helen and James Jay in Nevada City, CA, in 2004 and was certified as a Feng Shui Practitioner.


Trudy is available for consultations in your home, office, business or any other space that you feel needs treatment.


To contact Trudy to arrange a consultation or inquire more about Feng Shui, call (308) 627-5506 or email trudy.justbreathe@gmail.com.